The UK Government has launched its long-awaited Online Harms whitepaper, outlining the government’s plans to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online.  The legislative and non-legislative measures outline in the whitepaper will make sure that companies are more responsbile for their users’ safety online,  especially children and other vulnerable groups.  The proposals strike the right balance between enforcing a duty of care and agile regulation, but encourages the government to underpin these with a strategic educational programme around online safety.   


Ollie Whitehouse, Global Chief Technical Officer at NCC Group:  

- isbuzz expert 1 2 260x300 - Will Online Harms ‘Strikes The Right Balance’?“We welcome the proposed measures to protect users from online harms. By appointing an independent regulator, the government has struck the right balance between enforcing a duty of care that may not otherwise have been adopted, and enabling regulation to respond and keep pace with the constantly evolving online environment.   

“From our perspective, the UK will only become the safest place in the world to be online when regulations are underpinned by a strategic educational programme that empowers people to make good decisions online. As such, we would encourage the government to ensure that its pledge to include online safety education in school curricula from 2020 does not happen in isolation.   

“We believe that online safety awareness should serve as a natural first step to engaging young people with careers in cyber . By not only teaching children to recognise the dangers of the internet, but also giving them the tools to go and fight those dangers, the UK has a clear opportunity to drive the next generation of cyber talent, and strengthen the nation’s overall cyber resilience.” 


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