My guest today is a Foolish Adventurer, podcaster, consultant, speaker, and entrepreneur.

I was introduced to him many years ago via his podcast The Foolish Adventure Show, one of the shows I listened to while getting my own online business started.

He is the founder of the Fuse Community, an online meeting place for entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of a private mastermind group called Ignite, a group that I have heard nothing but rave reviews about.

For the high-performance entrepreneur, he is also a one-on-one consultant.

Now, let’s hack …

Tim Conley.

In this 53-minute episode Tim Conley and I discuss:

  • Persevering through the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship in order to reach an inevitable win
  • Defining entrepreneurship as creating value from an idea
  • Learning to make a sale and overcoming the paralyzing fear of rejection
  • Evaluating a new business idea based on customer base, profitability, and potential for expansion
  • Tim’s new coaching business and his tips for effective strategies in project management

Listen to Hack the Entrepreneur below …

- hte 2 200x200 - Why You Can’t Say Yes to Everything

Why You Can’t Say Yes to EverythingJon Nastor

The Show Notes

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