At the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration, Katie Jenkins of Liberty Mutual spoke to TechRepublic’s Alison DeNisco Rayome and explained how to attract more diverse candidates to cybersecurity roles.

Katie Jenkins: There’s such a demand for cybersecurity right now. Primarily, for two reasons: the more obvious might be that with the steep rise, sophistication, [and] volume of threats we’re trying to protect against, we need the teams to support those demands. Also, we’re seeing real opportunity for our program, as we’re adopting more modernized technology, moving to the public cloud, and making more use of application pipelines. We really have an ability and an opportunity to embed security, and bring automation to our security program. So that opportunity to do even more to advance our security program also demands additional talent.

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To attract under represented populations to the cybersecurity organizations, we need to start with some pre-work in establishing a culture that’s safe; that is, a culture where anyone can thrive and grow in their career. But after we’ve established that, and know that we have a basis for people to come in and be successful, I think it really requires us to finding that talent in more unique ways than our traditional recruiting approaches. Also it’s on us to demonstrate you don’t need to have been in security for your entire career, to be successful in security; whether your background is in , programming, even audit. Those are all experience bases to bring to the security field.

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To find security candidates, it really forces us to use the talent and people successful in security teams, reaching out, even amongst our peer groups, both within Liberty Mutual and outside of the .

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