Everything I will be writing here will be ‘unpopular’ , ‘unliked’ and get a lot of criticism but I can not use something just because it’s the trend. In this article I will share my reasons why I had to leave Chrome on my PC / Cell and opted for Firefox, and why I am moving back to Chrome again.

Why I left Google Chrome in the first place

I have used google chrome since chrome came out in 2008 and it managed to keep it self ahead of the standards by offering us features which are actually required by end users. I rely heavily on its sync features, especially keeping the passwords ‘encrypted’ while syncing. Lately Chrome came in the limelight because of its Monoculture or monopoly of ‘Google Empire’ where everything we are doing is somehow connected or going through Google and how they push ads and target users. But my reasons were never these, If you use their services for free you need to know that there will be a price to pay. The most annoying reason which made me switch to Firefox from Chrome was the heavy system usage ,specially RAM to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore it would heat up my laptop and with few tabs (my average is 8-10 tabs) it would struggle with a 70%-80% RAM usage (I have 8GB Ram Laptop)

Google Chrome RAM eater  - Google Chrome RAM eater - Why I Had To Switch Back To Chrome from Firefox

Why move to Firefox from Chrome

I knew that if I ever switched from Chrome it would be Firefox but the recent developments of Microsoft Edge are pretty decent and I had to ask my social media audience for the browser.

Firefox vs Edge Poll  - Firefox vs Edge Poll - Why I Had To Switch Back To Chrome from Firefox
Facebook Poll : Firefox vs Edge

Once Firefox won , I ensured that they do have a multi-platform sync feature so that what I do on Android is synced with my Firefox account. I created my Firefox account synced it up started saving logins for most frequently used services ,installed Firefox on my Android and used it for over a month now, unfortunately the Firefox App for Android is not something I am very comfortable with and because of its Android App I will be ditching Firefox for now. Whenever Firefox can make a decent android App I might port again.

Bad Experiences with Firefox

Lets get on with the factors which made me realize Firefox is not ready for me yet. What I just said is mostly pertaining to the Android App of Firefox, Firefox for Windows is pretty decent and does solve the issue of heavy usage and it is undoubtedly faster once compared to Google Chrome. (Microsoft Edge is best with battery consumption but that doesn’t mean we opt for them – they steal without consent )

  • Closing Tabs – Again the process of closing opened websites on Firefox is not natural you have to adjust your hand on the cell phone while on Chrome it is convenient just swipe either way you want. Such small irritants make the daily use difficult.

Firefox vs Chrome – Your Take ?

It’s all about personal preferences but I think due to these small factors I would revert back to chrome for now , when Firefox Android app feels comfortable I might switch back. What do you like or dislike about Firefox ? and which browser do you prefer ? For me no Firefox for now

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