I need a solution

I see these once a while, more so on servers.  On the lower right usually right after I log in, Symantec puts up a little box that will say something about an happening.

They might look like this….

“Symantec Endpoing Protection

[SID:  #### ] Attack: SMB Double

Pulsar Ping detected

Symantec Service framework”

with a exclamation point on the left.

The box(es) will pop up and disappear quickly.  It’s difficult to get a screenshot of them.

I checked the client logs.  Nothing there.  Looks normal for the system, risk, and scan log.  

Checked SEPM.  No special notifcations.  Looks normal.

No emails are generated by these events.

I wouldn’t mind seeing something in SEPM .  Logging into a client machine isn’t realistic.  If there was some attack happening but it was being warded off, great, SEP is doing its job.  I wouldn’t mind knowing if several users were seeing these popups though.

Where can I get more info on what the events are that causes these?  And what are these little popups in general?


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