WhatsApp is putting a worldwide limit of five on the number of times a message may be forwarded in an effort to stomp out misinformation and the spreading of rumours. “Starting today, all users on the latest versions of WhatsApp can now forward to only five chats at once, which will help keep WhatsApp focused on private messaging with close contacts,” the  said in an update to a blog post, confirming a Reuters report.

Corin Imai, Senior Advisor at DomainTools:

- isbuzz expert 2 260x300 - WhatsApp Praised For Curbing Fake News On Its Platform, But There’s More Work To Be Done

“While this is of course a welcome response to news by WhatsApp, stopping the spread of news which is already in circulation can only do so much, particularly across just one platform. In order to combat news at the source, governments need to deploy intelligence programmes, which can trace the articles back to specific domains and registrars in order to blacklist them. Fake news harms political discourse and is often disseminated by hostile nation-states for this purpose, and stopping it should be a top priority for media organisations, governments and social media platforms.”

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