Machine learning, artificial intelligence, the vanishing perimeter…more than buzz words trending on Twitter, instead, sparks of the technological revolution. What business problems can ML solve? What types of insights can provide to accelerate business objectives?

As we are living in an era of rapid innovation resulting in the refinement of operational efficiencies and cultural progress, these advancements however can come to an abrupt halt if isn’t implemented during all stages of design. 

To address the security of our future and to share insights around the adoption of an Integrated Cyber Defense security posture, Symantec is launching an Emerging Technology in person roadshow series in select US cities this fall.

This series of discussions will uncover the possibilities when an organization embraces emerging technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence containing targeted attacks, while URL’s with unsafe risk profiles are automatically isolated to prevent a ransomware to deception technologies identifying and delaying cyberattacks.  These technologies will empower security personnel to focus on staying on pace with innovation and hopefully ahead of attackers.

During these roundtable discussions attendees will how to:

  • Integrate user behavior patterns to strengthen organizational defenses.
  • Deploy deception to identify and delay attackers.
  • Identify evasive and using security analytics to allow your IR team to respond while an incident unfolds.
  • Understand the steps necessary to implement an Integrated Cyber Defense platform.

Space is limited, register at the city of your choice below:

September 12: Plano, Texas
September 12: Rosemont, Illinois
September 13: Atlanta, Georgia
September 13: Mountain View, California
October 17: Boston, Massachusetts
October 30: Herndon, Virginia


10:00am Welcome and introductions
10:00-10:45am Building a Truly Integrated Cyber Defense
10:45-11:05am The Next Step in Web and Email Isolation
11:05-11:25am Streamlining Modern Endpoint Protection
11:25-11:45am Understanding the Impact of Encryption on Security Efficacy
11:45am-12:00pm Taking a DVR approach to Security Analytics
12:00-12:10pm Q&A
12:10-1:00pm Lunch & Networking

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