Weekly Update 84  - IMG 1189 - Weekly Update 84

This week… I’m tired. A two-day remote workshop on London hours meant very unfriendly times for me here in Aus but hey, it beats jet lag! So just a very short intro this time, I recorded the this morning whilst I was rather a lot more awake so I’ll let that do the talking. Enjoy!

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  1. Remote workshops get me in front of more people whilst also remaining in front of my wife and kids! (normally I do these as 4 half-days during more mutually friendly hours)
  2. I’ve chosen Backblaze for cloud backups (that’s a link to the tweet where I asked about services)
  3. Barclays got pinged by ASA for padlock deception (well, there’s a bigger picture around positive versus negative visual indicators)
  4. IRL analogies to explain tech concepts suck (I get it – I know why people do it – but let’s just do a better job of explaining the tech itself)
  5. Netsparker is sponsoring my blog again this week (those guys rock, it’s a tool I’ve been very happy using for many years now)

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