I need a solution

Good afternoon,

I have a problem right now, I’ll describe it to see if anyone can help because I don’t want to lose the user’s .

Everything started with the gray screen not showing and going to a black screen saying Initilation Loader and stays there forever, I asked the user for the password and she gave it to me but this didn’t work, I don’t know any other password (such as admin ). I load the computer using a PGP Bootable disk and I’m working with the . But every single that I try to use, ask for the user passphrase. All I have is the Local Self and answers, I can do a –recovery-verify and they work fine, but I don’t know how to change the user’s password using the LSR by prompt.

Please help, I’m getting fustrated because at every try I find an error and I don’t want to lose the user’s data.


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