Have you ever wondered how a hacker would analyze and a website? We picked the brains of two ethical hackers to find out. Linus Särud, 18, and Fredrik Almroth, 27, share their best insights and advice on to help you keep your store safe from hackers.

What you will in 15 minutes:

  • How Fredrik Almroth hacked one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites.
  • What any Magento website owner should know about security to be able to keep up with black-hat hackers.
  • A step by step-explanation on how a hacker would analyze an e-commerce page.
  • What the most common Magento security issues are based on our exclusive security research on 30000 Magento sites.
  • What to do if you are hacked.

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About the hackers 
Fredrik Nordberg Almroth (Twitter: @almroot), 26, is internally known as “Godfather of Hacking”, since he has basically hacked everything that can be legally hacked. Fredrik has been appointed Security Expert of the Future by Symantec, and was one of the persons behind the famous read access on Google production servers hack, which earned him a bounty of 10,000 USD.

Linus Särud (Twitter: @_zulln), 18, started his career in IT security at the young age of 13. He has found serious security security in Google’s system, written about IT security for IDG Sweden, and now works as a Security Researcher at Detectify in addition to going to high school. At Detectify, he is responsible for extensive security investigations like how top domains were vulnerable to email spoofing, writing articles and guiding customers in the support.

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