Please see below for comment from Trustwave regarding a key committee of the European Parliament approving a draft Act that will introduce a new certification system for connected devices, as well as strengthen the EU’s networks agency Enisa.

Ed Williams, Director EMEA, SpiderLabs at Trustwave:

amrit williams  - 1x1 - Trustwave On European Parliament Approving A Draft Cyber Security Act

I welcome any initiative to increase the security and assurance of ICT products; given the current climate this legislation is welcome.  Without question, this is a difficult task, ICT products can be difficult and complex, ensuring that security is baked in could, initially, be difficult but is clearly the correct thing to do – secure by design is a must in 2018 and moving forward.  I have some reservations around the certification framework, depending on the type of product, certification may be voluntary or mandatory. Personally, I would like to see mandatory security for ‘all’ products.

It also appears that assurance will be broken down into different categories, basic, substantial and high; where basic “provides a limited degree of confidence in the claimed or asserted cybersecurity qualities of an ICT product or service”, I’d prefer all my ICT products to have high levels of assurance, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for?  It will be interesting to see how consumers take to this, my hope is that the certification framework is agile, simple and clear and that having high assurance doesn’t come with additional costs (whatever they may be).  In 2018 we shouldn’t be paying more for secure products, we should be expecting all products to be secure.

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