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Email inboxes are constantly bombarded with spam mails. It does not just occupy the email bandwidth, however, it also brings about a lot of malicious threats to the users. A good spam filter would help you to stay secure, protected and helps you terminate unwanted suspicious spam emails from entering your network in the first place.

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There are some good third-party spam filter add-ons made available for Thunderbird that comes with great features. Following are the best email spam filters for thunderbird to help you filter out and move the junk to separate junk folder.

Comodo Dome Antispam

Comodo Dome tops the list and is available in three different versions – On-premises, Cloud and Dedicated Hosted Cloud versions. It is a complete prevention system that comes with smart features like spam filters, content analysis engines and antivirus scanners to identify and filter out the spam emails from the other legitimate emails

It benefits the user with Intelligent filtering, Automatic containment and most of all its User friendly,

It features email archiving, antivirus filtering, auto-whitelisting, Containment. Email Classification, Antivirus Scanning, User authentication, Reputation Network, and more.

Comodo Dome Antispam is one of the highly rated spam filters that ensures to keep your inbox free from spams.

Thunderbird built-in Spam filter

Thunderbird offers a built-in Spam filter. If you do not wish a third-party spam filter, thunderbird comes with a built-in spam filter. It is capable to filter out spam mails from legitimate emails correctly. The user must use junk tool button to mark a message as junk or legitimate and train the Thunderbird to identify junk. By this way, Thunderbird would start to automatically categorize spam mails and put it in the corresponding spam box.


MailWasher is yet another spam filter that tops the list. It is a free anti-spam filter that works with email clients like Outlook Express, Hotmail, Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail. It comes in both Free and Paid versions. It is an effective spam filter that can function in both mobile devices and desktop computers. It helps you preview the emails before it sends it to the thunderbird inbox.

How to use spam filter in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source product that is efficient in filtering out spam filter deploying Bayesian statistical analysis. Once it has been trained, the spam detection rate becomes more effective and there are no false positives. Turning on the Junk mail filter, would help your Mozilla Thunderbird inbox stay away from spam.
Turn on the Spam Filter in Mozilla Thunderbird
Following are the steps to have Mozilla Thunderbird filter out junk mails
1. Select Preferences > Account Settings from hamburger menu in Thunderbird.
2. Go to the Junk Settings category for each account under the specified account and check “Enable adaptive junk mail controls for the selected account”
3. Click OK.

How to Prevent Mozilla Thunderbird From Overriding External Spam Filters

To have Mozilla Thunderbird accept and use spam filtering scores created by a spam filter that analyses messages before Thunderbird receives them—at the server, for example, or on your computer:
1. Open the settings of the spam filter for the chosen email account in Mozilla Thunderbird at Preferences > Account Settings > Junk Settings
2. Make sure to check Trust junk mail headers set by: which is found under Selection.
3. Choose the spam filter that has been used from the list.
4. Click OK.

How to stop spam permanently with Comodo Dome Anti-spam

The Comodo has guidelines for legitimate email marketing. Following are some tips to ensure if the emails are suspicious and unacceptable for Business Site
• If the email has a misleading header information
• Have misleading subject lines
• If they are not identified as an actual ad
• If there is no information on the location
• If there are no links to unsubscribe or opt out to terminate future emails
• If the opt out request is not processed

Install Comodo Dome Antispam to permanently

Comodo Dome Antispam is a business-based anti-spam and threat prevention system that deploys smart spam filters, antivirus scanners and robust content analysis engines to strictly deny unsolicited emails from entering the corporate network.
It provides a Centralized management console that helps you to allocate and apply different levels of to cater to different demands of employees of different departments.
It helps to archive all the emails and this helps to locate critical information instantly from the Dome anti-spam archive with advanced search options.

As users we are bombarded with multiple folds of unsolicited emails everyday. Comodo Dome Anti-spam is an efficient system that ensures to restore productivity to users by recognizing and deleting spams. To know more visit https://www.comodo.com/business-security/email-security/antispam-gateway.php

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