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The Role of Intelligence in Cyber Resilience

When security controls fail, can you detect unusual and anomalous activity with sufficient context to accurately ascertain the risk to the organization?

Can you answer this question with a confident yes?

Most organizations don’t even know when security controls have failed. This is a primary reason why intrusions exist in organizations for upwards of 200 days before being discovered. Additionally, heuristic and homogeneous alerts provide virtually zero context about anomalous activity inside the internal network and do nothing to help cyber defense teams prioritize and correctly remediate cyberattacks.

View this presentation to receive expert guidance on:

  • How threat intelligence can be used strategically and tactically;
  • How to gauge cyber resilience by measuring the levels and capacity of threats attacking your organization;
  • Best methods to predict failures in security controls and arm cyber defenders with threat acumen to triage encountered threats.

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