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Cequence ’s Carl Gustas on Why These Bots Are a Growing

Carl Gustas, solutions engineer, Cequence Security

Organizations and their applications are under attack from automated bots and bad actors. And many of these attacks are undetectable by conventional security technologies. How can organizations detect and prevent this activity? Carl Gustas of Cequence Security shares insights.

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The top concern is the sheer volume of new malicious bot attacks being detected, Gustas says. “The main reason we’re seeing more malicious bot activity is because of the lowered level of entry for a bad actor to start a bot attack or campaign,” he says.

In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Fraud and Breach Summit in Chicago, Gustas discusses:

  • Objectives behind malicious bots;
  • How they impact business operations;
  • How they can be stopped.

Gustas is a solutions engineer at Cequence Security, where he assists users facing application security challenges.

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