My guest today is a marketing expert, entrepreneur, and bass player. He is the Creative Director of Kinectiv, a marketing firm that focuses on developing identities and providing customers with a great experience via websites, graphic design, and social media.

He’s been described as the “brains” behind this operation as he develops strategies and marketing campaigns to ensure the success of Kinectiv’s clients.

He is also the owner of Commonwealth on Queen, a farm to fork cafeŽ.

Now, lets hack …

Mark Reinmiller.

In this 34-minute episode Mark Reinmiller and I discuss:

  • Why ignorance is bliss when building a business
  • The importance of connecting with people
  • You’re always building a community with people, no matter what you’re doing
  • Decide to do something and don’t give up

Listen to Hack the Entrepreneur below …

- RM Podcast Cover 04 200x200 - The Entrepreneur’s Path to Building a Real Business

The Entrepreneur’s Path to Building a Real BusinessJon Nastor

The Show Notes

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