There’s a threat to data that hasn’t been fully addressed. According to a Netwrix 2018 Cloud Security Report, 8% of organizations that reported a security incident can contribute it to the organization’s insiders. I’ve highlighted five anticipated security in 2018 and the root cause of these can be linked to insiders.

Insiders are any personnel within your organization that have access to sensitive information. This includes your employees, but it can also encompass vendors, outside consultants and remote workers. These individuals become a data threat most commonly through either malicious intent (looking to profit off of a ’s data) or negligence (clicking on a phishing email and unleashing a malware infection).

In my perspective as a seasoned data security and someone who has actively researched threats, there are five trends that we should watch out for in 2018. Attending 2018? Be sure to stop by our stand #E220! Continue reading on InfoSecurity.

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