Q&A with CEO Isaac Kohen.

With employees having access to more sensitive information than ever, companies need the ability to detect and prevent threats from inside, be they through negligence or malicious intent. However, differences between industries and company cultures require more than a one-size fits-all . Teramind provides a totally employee behavior solution to identify suspicious activity, spot possible threats, measure productivity, and ensure industry compliance.

Please tell us a little bit about your background and current position at Teramind.

My background is in software engineering and for IT consulting. I am the CEO of Teramind, which I founded in 2014. At Teramind we develop state-of-the-art applications for behavior analysis, threat , and session recording.

What are some examples of insider threats?

Insider threats come from employees through malicious activity or just negligence. Not every
threat is a user who is evil or has bad intentions. For instance, a person with legitimate access
may inadvertently respond to a phishing email and expose their credentials.

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