- 1519565080 bpthumb - TalosIntelligence.com is rolling out a new dispute system

At Cisco Talos, we need customers to be able to provide feedback at all times, whether it be about false positives, false negatives, or missed categories. Because we deal with an abundance of across our platforms — such as IPS alerts, AMP alerts and more — feedback helps us test the efficacy of those alerts and systems promptly.

Today, there are several ways of doing this: calling Cisco Support (aka TAC), submitting a through Talosintelligence.com, or securityhub.cisco.com, plus a myriad of other ways — each winding up in a different “” for Talos to deal with on our side. The days of that confusion are numbered.

We’ve been silently working on a streamlined experience, not only for the customers but for our workflow as well. We asked ourselves the question, “What is the easiest way we can enable a customer to get disputes to us, deal with it the fastest way possible, and get that information back to the customer in the most efficient manner?”

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