2018: Partnering for global expansion

In 2007, global donations started in Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. In 2010, donations were live in 14 countries, and the program has successfully expanded to distribute products in 56 countries today. In FY 2018 alone, we provided cyber solutions to nearly 22,000 organizations, allowing these organizations to secure their most important

We recently extended our contract to further support TechSoup, with the organization noting,“In a challenging environment of constantly changing, increasingly sophisticated threats, Symantec’s products give nonprofits resources to understand the evolving landscape of vulnerabilities, and access the actual solutions that benefit their work. TechSoup, collaborating with its global network of 70 partner NGOs, has in-depth experience validating NGOs in 236 countries and providing capacity-building programs with them. Building on this expertise, TechSoup is excited to scale Symantec’s program from 56 to 236 countries, which tens of thousands more nonprofits will be able to benefit from Symantec product offers.”

Three key highlights of this partnership expansion include: 

  • A focus on Africa.Symantec is a key partner in TechSoup Africa, a regional hub of the TechSoup Global Network. The four network members that form TechSoup Africa, Kenya Community Development Foundation, Phambano Technology Development Centre, The West Africa Civil Society Institute, and The Professional Development Foundation, are local capacity-building organizations that help nonprofits in 56 African countries and territories get the resources they need to build their organizational capacity and their technology expertise. 
  • Added educational services.We worked alongside TechSoup as they evolved their core technology-donation program to include new wraparound consultation and recommendation services. In addition to providing software, TechSoup now offers supplemental education, including webinars, courses, and blog posts that highlight security issues, helping organizations make the most of technology. For example, Kevin Haley, one of Symantec’s cybersecurity , hosted a Facebook Live event with TechSoup. The video is TechSoup’s second highest performing video ever for views and the post reached over 4,000 people in just two months.
  • Adapting for the future. The accelerating shift to cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), and as a service (IaaS), has transformed how companies engage philanthropically with the nonprofit community. TechSoup continues to meet the changing needs of civil society by offering new technology solutions, educational offerings, and services to support digital transformation. In the near future, Symantec will offer cloud-based products in addition to Norton and products.

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