Sodexo Filmology  - credit card - Sodexo Filmology Cyber Attack-Customers need to Cancel the Credit Card

Cinema voucher-pusher hit by a attack that affected the customer’s cards and many of the Sodexo customers being affected by this incident.

Cybercriminals targetted the system that hosted for Sodexo Filmology Cinema platform using the flaws that presented within the system.

Attacker mainly focusing on the payment page and compromised many of the user’s accounts to steal the Credit Cards information over 2 months.

In this case, Sodexo released an official statement that says, “We would advise all employees who have used the site between 19th March-3rd April to their payment cards and check their payment statements”

Based on the affected Customer statement, this attack has been carried out for several months and he said “After speaking to Filmology to ask exactly what had happened, I was informed that my bank details were stolen from the payment page and that the incident has been reported to the ICO. The hack on the payment page was carried out over 2 months and involved many accounts.”

Attackers initiated 3 attempts on the ’s credit card and later he aware of unauthorized access and he reported to the concerned bank, later they successfully blocked his credit card.

As of now this breach only affected customers in the UK and Ireland and they also said, had previously been made aware of similar unlawful access to personal on Sodexo Filmology platforms, and immediately notified the authorities, including law enforcement agencies, as well as affected customers.

- s - Sodexo Filmology Cyber Attack-Customers need to Cancel the Credit Card
Sodexo Filmology

Based on the company report, UK employee rewards via discounted cinema tickets has also taken its site down “for the foreseeable future” in order “to eliminate any further potential risk” to consumers and to protect consumers’ data.

These incidents have been caused by a targeted attack on the system we use to host our Cinema Benefits platform, despite having put in place a number of preventative measures with CREST-approved security specialists.”

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and are doing all that we can to provide access to your benefits via alternative . We will share more information on this with you, or your provider, in the coming days, Sodexo Said.

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