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Should cyber-attacks be treated like acts of war? –


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The Senate Judiciary Committee is talking about cyber threats coincidentally the same time Microsoft released a new report on Russian hackers targeting the American political system.

During the committee, senators will hear the latest from the Department of Homeland and Department of Justice.

Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal urged his Senate colleagues to treat Russian cyber attacks like acts of war.

“We must fight fire with fire,” said Blumenthal.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham agrees, pointing to a report released Tuesday morning by Microsoft that shows Russian hackers have targeted the US Senate and conservative groups.

“America is under cyber-. We are beginning to act but not quick enough and not forcefully enough,” Sent. Graham said.

Graham says he has introduced several bills to fight cyber-attacks, but his efforts have so far stalled in the Senate. Now that senators are among the targets, he hopes his colleagues will take action.

Rhode Island Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse says one solution is to let U.S. companies “hack back” after cyber-attacks.

“We know that Russian hackers interfered in our election in 2016 and we have every reason to expect more in this year’s midterm elections,” he said Whitehouse wants to allow “hack back” authority so “capable responsible private sector actors can deter foreign aggression”.

Whitehouse hopes his colleagues act soon, before the midterm elections.

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