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Whether right or wrong, I have an unmanaged 12 running on my 12 where things have been running just fine.  Found this useful in troubleshooting whenever my server fails to download virus definitions.  Moving forward, I’ll need to set up a new server/VM with and migrate the existing SEP clients over.  Does anyone know whether it’s recommended to install a managed or unmanaged SEP client on the server and why?  Also, are there suggestions on what SEP options should or shouldn’t be installed for the SEP client that’s protecting the server?

As for the OS on my new SEPM 14 server, I secured a license although my VM sometimes hangs after rebooting from patch installs.  Is anyone else seeing this same behavior?  Like 10, 2016 seems to have issues as well so I’m thinking maybe it’s better to go with 2012 R2 instead.  I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.  Thanks in advance!


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