at BitDefender have released a new version of the GandCrab decryptor able to decrypt versions of GandCrab 1, 4 and 5.

Security experts at BitDefender have released a new version of the GandCrab decryptor that could be used to decrypt versions of GandCrab 1, 4 and 5, including the latest version 5.1. The GandCrab decryptor is available for free from BitDefender and from the NoMoreRansom project.

No doubt, authors behind GandCrab are probably already working to improve their malware, but this is an important success for many victims of the dreaded ransomware.

“While this is the third time we have defeated GandCrab encryption in the past year, our celebration will be short-lived. We’ll be back to work tomorrow, as GandCrab operators will no doubt change tactics and techniques.” explained the director of threat research and reporting, Bogdan Botezatu.

GandCrab infected more than 500,000 victims since it first appeared in the threat landscape early 2018, Bitdefender decryptors have already helped nearly 10,000 victims over the time to save more than $5 million dollars in decryption fees.

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In October 2018, malware researchers at Yoroi – Cybaze ZLab analyzed the GandCrab ransomware version 5.0 that infected many systems in central Europe, avoiding to hit Russian users.

Early 2019, security experts observed two distinct campaigns distributing the Ursnif malware, and one of them also delivered the GandCrab ransomware.

“Recently, GandCrab operators have also started delivering ransomware to companies via vulnerabilities in remote IT support used by managed service providers to manage customer workstations,” continues Botezatu.

Victims of GandCrab ransomware can decrypt for free their files, Bitdefender and authorities always advise victims to avoid paying the ransom.

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