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Hi All, we have two created by one of our admins. The two are using a filter, basically filtering Workstations and Servers into 2 . The filter is based on the clients Group location in SEPM.

What we havenoticed is that when the reports is sent to the distribution list of admins (admins email addresses listed in the send to field), the filter is not applying, in that all clients (Workstations and Servers) are appearing in the reports, so there is not separation of workstations and servers. We basically get 2 identical reports.

Also we have noticed that when anyone other that the admin that created the report the 2 reports filters shows as default, not the name of the filter that the creator of the report name the filter.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and have you found a solution or is it a known that Symantec need to resolve?

SEPM Version 14.0 RU1 MP1



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