Organizations always experience a dilemma about designing a secure architecture because it can always be more expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. However, the hackers might be one step ahead and come up with updated or new attack every day. In this landscape, does it make sense to cut corners? If you choose easier alternative and do not protect your appropriately, it will cause more damage and come back like a boomerang harming your organization. During the RSA Paula showed what mistakes CQURE eliminated when working with our customers.

- rsa 2019 photo paula 780x1010 - [RSA USA ‘19] Learn from Paula’s keynote about the shortcuts that are not worth taking

Remember that trusting solutions without knowing how to break them is really risky in terms of cybersecurity! Check out Paula’s slide deck and tools from the session to more and upgrade your cybersecurity knowledge!

Paula’s RSA 20 presentation slides can be found below:

Download the tools HERE. (Password: CQUREAcademy#123!)

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