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After a recent success as a keynote speaker, Paula returns to the RSA Conference series with another valuable  speech. Her session on July 18th revealed to you Fatal signs:  symptoms when you think you’ve been hacked. 

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As the new trends evolved during the last year, trying to blend in day-to-day admin operations or using machine learning to make harder to analyze, we must be prepared to face new threats more effectively. We all need the mandatory list of places to check in case of being hacked, or at least when we are in doubt. There are OS behaviors that could indicate something is currently active, but how can we spot exactly what that is?

This and more were the subjects of today’s session so now you should be familiar with places where data can be deliberately hidden by malicious , aware of the hacking symptoms, tools and techniques to spot such activities, and well instructed how you can mitigate hackers to exploit OS areas.

About the Conference

The RSA Conference connects businesses with the cybersecurity industry’s most forward-thinking leaders. During the conferences, participants get the best tips on how to protect their companies and how to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats. This year’s theme of the event is “Better”. What’s hidden behind this theme? Searching for better solutions, making better connections with peers and making the world a better place, by keeping it secure.

Paula’s presentation slides can be found HERE

Download the tools HERE (Password: CQUREAcademy#123!)

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