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When client trying to pull the reports for the “Mtalk.google.com” from bluecoat 9.x,  we could see verdict  both as and denied. Where are already  Mtalk.google.com, reporter show few requests are allowed. 


                .domain=”mtalk.google.com” force_exception(user-defined.DenyContent)  

                url.domain=”hangouts.google.co.uk” force_exception(user-defined.DenyContent)        

                url.domain=”hangouts.google.com” force_exception(user-defined.DenyContent)         

                url.domain=”mtalk.google.co.uk” force_exception(user-defined.DenyContent)            

The website is “not categorized” as none (or) no sub URL known issue which matching the current issues.

When we check on proxy access logs for one user as example all request are been blocked, but from reporter for the same user it showing allowed request.

Is ther any bug or known issue while pulling reports for the single website?

And also let me know any another way to pull the single website report for allowed/blcoked report?


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