remote control rat  - remote access trojan - Remote Control Rat Steals Credentials & Record Audio

Attackers distributing FlawedAmmyy trojan payloads through actor TA50 which is well known for distributing massive spam campaigns like Dridex banking Trojan, Locky ransomware, and Jaff ransomware.

The massive email campaign is on March 5 and 6, 2018 that contains zipped Url attachments that downloads and executes the javascript from attackers server.

Researchers from Proofpoint spotted the Email campaign and it was sent from spoofed email address subjected as “Receipt No 1234567” (random digits and first word could also be “Bill” or “Invoice”)” and matching attachments in the zip file.

The attached zip file contains .url files contains internet sites that launch default browser automatically, in this campaign attackers specified “file://” instead to HTTP://.

remote control rat  - faf1 - Remote Control Rat Steals Credentials & Record Audio

So, in this case, it directly downloads the file malicious via SMB instead of launching the browser. Then the Javascript downloads the Quant Loader which downloads the final payload FlawedAmmyy remote access trojan.

In a previous attempt on March 1 attackers distributed the FlawedAmmyy remote control rat trojan via office documents macros directly.

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The FlawedAmmyy remote control rat trojan is based on the leaked source code of remote desktop support tool Ammyy Admin. FlawedAmmyy remote access trojan contains following functions

Remote Desktop control
File system manager

Attackers abused the leaked source code of Ammyadmin v3 and developed the malicious FlawedAmmyy that compromise your computer, steal customer , proprietary information, and more.

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