October was all about our biggest online event of the year – the Great Big Live + Q&A! This year’s event was especially marvellous because joining regular host Paula Januszkiewicz was world-renowned Windows expert Sami Laiho.

Sami has been popping in to CQURE HQ quite a bit recently as he has collaborated with Paula and the team here to create our Advanced Windows Security Course 2019 which you can find out more about HERE.

Windows Security Course  - blog banner - Q&A from the Webinar: 12 Crucial Windows Security Skills for 2019

Here’s a Recap of the Crucial for 2019:

  • Skill #1: Pentesting – Hackers Perspective or Notes From the Field
  • Skill #2: Windows Secure Kernel
  • Skill #3: Windows Authentication Internals – Level Hard
  • Skill #4: Advanced Attacks Against Active Directory
  • Skill #: Malicious Execution Prevention – Ransomware on the rise
  • Skill #6: BlackBelt – Becoming a Process Explorer and Process Monitor Ninja!
  • Skill #7: ESAE: Hardening Privilege Access Workstations
  • Skill #8: Enhanced Security Administrative Environment: Red Forest with Windows Server 2019
  • Skill #9: Web Penetration Testing – Lessons from the Field
  • Skill #10: Office 365 Advanced Security for GDPR
  • Skill #11: Advanced Monitoring and Auditing of Windows 2019 Infrastructure
  • Skill #12: What’s new in WS 2019 in security

We rounded off the webinar with a live Q&A session which you can watch here (along with the best highlights):

Now you know what skills you’ll be needing in the year ahead it’s time to master them! Our certified online Advanced Windows Security Course 2019 will have you fully prepared to face the threats ahead in just six weeks.

It features two modules by special guest instructor Sami Laiho and it starts on November 2018. Applications are open now over on our website.

Windows Security  - awsc19 banner orangestripes - Q&A from the Webinar: 12 Crucial Windows Security Skills for 2019

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