SugarCreek Brandworthy solutions is a growing, mid-western manufacturer helping some of the industry’s largest and best-known companies develop innovative solutions. SugarCreek’s authentic culinary expertise helps drive innovation. Their in-house expertise, in everything from trends and marketing to packaging and logistics makes the company an ideal partner for new product development – including bringing scale to sous vide.

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With new food products and automated manufacturing lines constantly coming on-line, Todd Pugh’s small IT team was stretched thin. Not only are they charged with keeping 24/7 automated manufacturing operations running smoothly, they also need to bring each new customer’s food manufacturing line on to the network quickly and ensure . Each piece of equipment needs to be isolated from the others to maintain secure access by equipment suppliers’ support teams. Managing each network one device at a time was no longer viable.

- 5b7df6a776df3 550x327 - Protecting SugarCreek’s 24/7 Food Manufacturing Across Four StatesSugarCreek evaluated their options to upgrade their network operations and security posture. They elected ’s integrated security architecture with Firepower 2110 next-generation firewalls with AMP for networks, AMP for Endpoints, ISE and Umbrella all managed by the Firepower Management Center.


Watch the video to hear how Todd Pugh’s IT team deployed this comprehensive Cisco security solution.

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