UBoat is a PoC HTTP Botnet designed to replicate a full weaponised commercial botnet like the famous large scale infectors Festi, Grum, Zeus and SpyEye.

UBoat - Proof Of Concept PoC HTTP Botnet Project  - UBoat Proof Of Concept PoC HTTP Botnet Project 640x360 - Proof Of Concept PoC HTTP Botnet Project

Reviews of popular botnets have shown HTTP-based botnets have a set of attributes that make it difficult for them to be detected. On the other hand, the number of studies focusing on the detection of HTTP-based botnets is relatively low (compared to the number of those on IRC-based and P2P botnets) especially in the HTTP-based mobile botnets which operate on the mobile devices and networks.

The main objective behind the creation of UBoat was to aid researchers and to enhance the understanding of commercial HTTP loader style botnets so effective countermeasures can be developed.

Features of UBoat HTTP Botnet

  • Coded in C++ with no dependencies
  • Encrypted C&C Communications
  • Persistence to prevent your control being lost
  • Connection Redundancy (Uses a fallback server address or domain )
  • DDoS methods (TCP & UDP Flood)
  • Task Creation System ( Altering system HWID,Country,IP,OS.System )
  • Remote Commands
  • Update and Uninstall other
  • Download and Execute other malware
  • Active as well as Passive Keylogger
  • Enable RDP
  • Plugin system for easy feature updates

Full Panel setup instructions can be found on the UBoat Github Wiki here.

You can download UBoat here:

Panel: UBoat-Panel.zip
Bot: UBoat-Bot.1.0.zip

Or you can read more here.

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