Point-of-Sale Solutions – North County Business Products was hacked and credit-card stealing was put on the networks of clients across the country like Dunn Brothers Coffee, Zipps Sports Grill and Someburros outlets. 

Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success at NuData Security: 

- Ryan Wilk 300x300 - PoS Provider Hack That Affected Customers At 130 Locations

“Point of sale () systems are a prime target for cybercriminals because they can access a variety of businesses and . To avoid getting hit by any creative form of malware, it is essential to continuously monitor PoS devices and update patches regularly. Once, however, that the credit card information is stolen, businesses have to combat fraudulent online transactions. Companies offering services in the card-not-present (CNP) channel are susceptible to fraudulent purchases with those stolen cards and need to have verification frameworks ready to verify users and prevent this type of fraud. Analyzing their online behavior combined with hundreds of other identifiers that hackers can’t imitate or steal is the best protection for companies, once the user has been leaked. Leveraging a fully integrated multi-layered security approach that includes passive biometrics is one way to make stolen information valueless to the hacker and stop fraud. At the same time, it allows online businesses to correctly identify key to offer rewards, bonuses and more.” 


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