Today at Messe Berlin as part of MS on , delivered a shortened version of the ‘Dear ’ workshop which won her praise at this year’s main Ignite conference.

- berlin 225x300 - Paula takes ‘Dear Hacker’ on Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

In a city famed for its thriving underground art scene and pounding, pounding techno music, developers and tech professionals are currently gathered to explore the latest tools and cloud technologies and from over 350 tech industry .

Ignite is on tour in Berlin today and tomorrow with a promise to deliver over 100 sessions and workshops at Messe Berlin. It’s the place to be for technical training that can modernize your whole organization.

Bringing her own brand of wonderful to this event is Paula Januszkiewicz who today recaptured the magic of September’s MS Ignite in Orlando by delivering an abridged version of her dazzling workshop ‘Dear hacker: infrastructure reality check’.

Paula unveiled some of the devious tactics hackers use to enter a system and showed the importance of a personalized approach to security in an area where hackers can all too easily exploit a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Have a look at Paula’s colorful presentation slides below and see if you can spot a raccoon who is up to no good!

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