Google's new offline Easter egg game is like Flappy Bird  - Googles new offline Easter egg game is like Flappy Bird 696x392 - No Internet On Mobile? Google Has A New Hidden Game For You

This hidden Easter egg game inside ’s app doesn’t need an connection to

Want to kill time but don’t have internet remaining on your phone? Well, Google has a new fun hidden game inside its mobile app. The best thing is you can play this game even without a mobile connection.

Google has hidden an unexpected Easter egg mini-game that has a cute little cloud character inside its main app. This hidden game is more like a game of Flappy Bird that you can play anytime, reports Android Police who were the first to spot it.

In order to play this game, ensure that you either don’t have any mobile internet data or the Wi-Fi and mobile data connection on your phone is shut down. It is best to play this game without any data connection.

Once the data is offline, perform a search for any topic from the Google app or any one of its related widgets. You will notice a new animation along with a of the cloud character of the game provoking you to tap to play. Once you click the cloud, you become in charge of a cute cloud, with hands and feet, holding a yellow umbrella.

As the cloud, you need to do is keep floating in the sky while trying to avoid obstacles like incoming evil birds, evil dark thunder clouds, and other cute little characters.

The game is available on any version of the Google app above v9.46.6.21 (click here) or the latest beta v9.1.7 from APK Mirror

Source: Android Police

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