ollowing the news regarding emails from top officials at the Republican Committee being hacked during the midterms, Brian Vecci, Technical Evangelist at Varonis offers the following comment.

Brian Vecci, Technical Evangelist at Varonis:

- Brian Vecci 300x300 - National Republican Congressional Committee Breach

“The biggest thing that stood out to me was that the attack was detected by a vendor in April. How is it that we’re just hearing about this now? This raises questions for me as to whether our midterms were truly as secure as was reported.

The hack was of a senior GOP congressman, so it was extremely targeted – this wasn’t someone getting in randomly and happening on some valuable , nor was it someone trying to steal huge amounts of open sensitive consumer . They went after the inboxes of four key congressmen and the only reason to do that is if you think you can learn something that will help you specifically.

The countries that have proven themselves to be able to perpetuate these kinds of attacks and have the motive to do so are , China, and North Korea. That doesn’t rule anyone else out, it just means they’re the most likely. These are the countries with the means, motive, and opportunity to get the most out of inside information related to US political thinking.”

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