- 1519565080 bpthumb - Multiple Vulnerabilities in Moxa EDR-810 Industrial Secure Router

These were discovered by Carlos Pacho of Cisco Talos

Today, Talos is disclosing several vulnerabilities that have been identified in EDR-810 .

Moxa EDR-810 is an industrial secure router with firewall/NAT/VPN and managed Layer 2 switch functions. It is designed for Ethernet-based applications in remote control or monitoring networks. Moxa EDR-810 provides an electronic perimeter for the protection of critical assets such as pumping/ treatment systems in water stations, DCS systems in oil and gas applications, and PLC/SCADA systems in factory automation.

Moxa has released an updated version of the firmware. Users are advised to download and install the latest release as soon as possible to fix this issue.



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