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Looking for a bit of advice on the use of PGP Command Line…

My has a requirement to encrypt individual files before they’re transferred to a partner organization by way of SFTP. Intent is to have the encrypted at the source, and decrypted by the partner, then vice versa. The kink is that we have data sets from different endpoints internally that are all going to be aggregated on a file server and then transferred en masse. Encryption must happen at the source, before aggregation, to guard data in transit on the internal network, so there will be instnaces of PGP encrypting outbound data. I think this will be fine, all endpoints will encrypt with the partner key. There will be a reverse data flow coming from the partner back to our internal endpoints, but here’s the problem…

Because we have multiple endpoints decrypting inbound data, my interpretation of PGP command line suggests that we must have unique public/ pairs, meaning that we cannot provide a single public key if data is to be decrytped on multiple endpoints. I think for this to work the way I’m describing, a public/ pair would have to be both exported from one PGP install and imported to all endpoints, so that they can all decrypt using the same key. Is this possible? Hope I’m being clear…

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