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MobileIron was one of the first integration partners with Cisco Security Connector (CSC) for supervised iOS devices. This fall, they expanded their Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) support from on-premise to include the cloud, and both of the integrations are now certified as Cisco Compatible.

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One of the key advantages of this partnership is Scalability. Admins of organizations have to provision devices to users as part of on-boarding. The challenge is with supervising devices, and having them Execution Prevention (DEP) enabled in bulk, is time and resource consuming; and not to mention tedious work of doing similar steps multiple times over and over again on all the devices.

With Mobileiron UEM in , on-boarding DEP devices and supervising them, happens seamlessly by enabling DEP management feature in Mobileiron UEM; and pushing out a simple profile with necessary flags to supervise as part of device onboarding. The experience is much better for administrators and simplified.

Volume purchase program from Apple, where you could buy in bulk to be distributed to the corporate users, can also be made seamless using Mobileiron UEM solution. Mobileiron’s tight integration with Apple VPP will help admins manage and track the licenses/tokens effortlessly.

With features like DEP, Supervising and VPP utilities taken care by Mobileiron UEM, as part of CSC integration, Mobileiron UEM can help to deploy CSC app on the device and configure it for you. Thereby accelerating the deployment and giving adequate visibility and control over managed devices for admins.

MobileIron recently hosted a webinar on the CSC integration, including Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Cisco AnyConnect. The webinar featured members of MobileIron and Cisco discussing how to extend the best practices of network , to mobile endpoints and the cloud. You can view the recording here.

You can also visit the CSC, ISE and AnyConnect listings on the MobileIron Marketplace:




- 5bf2d06e51a07 - MobileIron UEM Certified as Cisco Security Connector Compatible

In the resources section, you can review the MobileIron Cloud Integration Setup Guide to more.


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