, originally from Pakistan, knew that he had to look abroad to Europe or the US in order to pursue a reputable Master’s Degree in Financial Mathematics. His search brought him to Uppsala, Sweden where he spent two years studying applied and financial mathematics. As a data scientist he works closely with teams to make sense of all of the customer data coming through the business funnel and turn it into valuable metrics and insights.

- P1000799k - Meet the team: Hassan Jawaid – a data scientist passionate about continuous learning

They say the real world begins after school, where did life take you?

I knew I wanted to work more on the application side of mathematics after my studies and solve real-world problems instead of just theoretical ones; that led me to a research project at Aarhus University in Denmark. Here, I focused on using applied sciences to solve business problems  e.g. understanding and calculating risks associated with pension insurances.

How did you end up in Stockholm?

Once I completed the project, I moved to Stockholm to join my girlfriend and ended up finding work at Spotify. There, I worked with analyzing the data from video streams which were applied to improve the video products and consumer experience. This taught me how to handle machine algorithms and big data. By utilizing these tools, it enables me to solve our business problems  at Detectify.

What do you like about being a data scientist?

Definitely problem complexity and solving the puzzle. In order to solve data problems, you need knowledge of different fields like mathematics, computer science and programming. This  makes my job challenging and exciting!

As a data scientist, I am conducting product analysis, handling the data infrastructure and enhancing the data structure. By using data tools, I help colleagues to better understand the business, users, customers and products. If you want to improve the quality of your products, you need data.

Can you tell us about a time where the data you found surprised you?

Seek and you shall find it.

Do you prefer working in a large or a startup?

I prefer startups as they usually build their software products with an up-to-date technology stack. Secondly, you get a chance to work on a number of different problems which may not get to your desk in a large company as roles are more specialized and processes are being refined. Here at Detectify I’ve been exposed to a wide range of interesting challenges that I continuously from, which I hadn’t seen in the past while working in a bigger company.

What is it like to work on the Data Team at Detectify?

You will never get bored and we’ll make sure of that! We support the mission of Detectify by creating solutions to seek high-quality data as well as exhaustive analytics and models. If you are a part of the data team then you get to be a scientist, a consultant and a creator of solutions at the same time. We help everybody to understand customer behavior and conduct product analysis, handle and optimize the data infrastructure and enhance the data structure.

Everyone at Detectify is open, happy and friendly, which makes work easier no matter what you’re working with.

What are your tips to anyone interested in a career with data?

To be good with data you need to study math, math and programming, programming, programming. It is essential that you are confident and skilled in these areas. However, you do not need to go to school to study all of it. For example, you could study math or physics as a degree and then learn how to code in Python on your own. The important thing is to never stop learning and continuously add new skills to your knowledge base.

Mac or ? Always a Mac. When you deal with Git, Python libraries and AWS products in your everyday work, a Mac is a must. It doesn’t crash like a PC, which is also a plus.

iPhone or Android? I’m pragmatic when it comes to tech and in this case, I would have to go with Android.

What’s your number one security tip? I would say don’t use the but if we are being realistic then it would definitely be to keep track of who you are giving your data to. Know the provider and never leave data with them if you aren’t using their product or service.

What are you passionate about? From a work perspective it’s definitely learning new skills related to data engineering. From a private life perspective, it’s fitness. I love going to the gym and train with weights. You should always use weights if you don’t want to hurt yourself.

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