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Choosing an antivirus software to protect your computer might be an exhausting task. Really, we feel you – who likes reading about the unknown features and filter through all the stuff? However, we live in a technological world, and things probably won’t change in the nearest, well, century. Or two. So, cybersecurity is one of the daily topics for all. We have some variants that might actually inspire you.

Best Antivirus Software

Here is the list of best Antivirus software to keep your computer fully secure from the virus and other threats.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019
  • F-Secure Antivirus Software
  • ESET Antivirus Software

According to av-test report, here is the list dome of best Windows security software to protect your computers.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019


This famous name is always in the lead.
Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus software offers in the market. It is
extremely useful in detecting viruses, cyber-attacks, spyware, worms, and other
types of malware.


The antivirus also provides you with other cool privacy features, protecting your accounts and sensible . It offers password manager functions, Firewall, VPN, and check the privacy of your accounts.

Online Activity

Aside from not letting others view your online
activity, Bitdefender also protects you from spam and harmful websites, helping
you to maintain your . It provides effective phishing protection,
blocking even the newest threats.

F-Secure Antivirus Software

Malware detection

Similarly to other , F-Secure Antivirus
is highly effective in virus and worm detection. This tool is careful when
monitoring your online activities and ensures that the websites you visit and
the apps you download are safe. It also offers impressive ransomware security

Safe banking

If you’re a shopping lover or just hate ,
F-Secure Antivirus will be an excellent preference. Before payment, the
software analyzes whether the website or application is safe for money
transfer. During the process of transaction, the tool disengages all doubtful
sources, apps, and devices.

Privacy and anti-theft features

We love software that enables us to maintain
privacy and immediately break the thieves’ efforts to use our data. This tool
is worth attention for several reasons: its Freedome VPN helps you to remain
unnoticed and unbothered by the tracking systems. At the same time, you can
locate your stolen device and lock it before the further use or, if you think
that you won’t get it back, delete the files.

ESET Antivirus Software

Malware detection

ESET provides you with a great set of
features. Some of them include malware detection and elimination, Firewall, and
accurate virus examination. The best part? You can install it on different
devices, and it will still remain an effective united system. It also
self-updates, which is cool if you sometimes forget that it may be necessary.

Targeted protection

If you are afraid of attacks, ESET has a wide
range of protective functions. It has ransomware security, which immediately
reacts in case of any threats. It also blocks different types of attacks,
ignoring neither apps nor websites while you just sit and enjoy your time.

Safe online

All types of online protection are present as well. ESET has anti-spam and web control tools. The software is light and does not overload your online traffic with background performance.

Here you can find the list of Best Antivirus for Android to protect your device from sophisticated cyber threats.

Final Note

There are
limitless possibilities for you, and you can pick the antivirus software that
suits your personality and habits. Just be safe and invest in a careful

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