INPIVX  - INPIVX 2 - INPIVX Service Let Anyone to Develop Malware From Scratch

Cybercriminals posted a new service called Inpivx, which provides a management dashboard for its customers to manage and to develop the malware from scratch.

The new straightforward service allows anyone with average computer skill can create ransomware with all file encrypting mechanism including the decryptor.

The service was promoted in Tor site and the package sold by Cybercriminals for $00. The management panel written in C++ and supports from XP to .

An Inpivx member said to BleepingComputer, that the “ransomware and the dashboard are tied together. Moreover, the client can adapt the ransomware code to what they need and they also provide tutorials for customization.”

The supply chain service control panel also includes chat support, lightweight, and responsive, fast and flat design.

Once the malware affected ’s machine it encrypts all the files and the control panel acts as the central point, it lists the number of encrypted files, ransomware installations, operating systems and geographical location.

Also it details the individual victim’s ransom amount, the decryption key and payment status.

Ransomware is the fast-growing and it is considered as a leader of Global cyber attack in recent days. It still continues to be a global , it’s become a billion-dollar industry that shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

Here you can find the Ransomware Attack Response and Mitigation Checklist.

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