Findings are a key component of our service, which is why we decided the view deserved a facelift. The finding details view offers more information about your findings as well as a brand new that shows you which modules were submitted to us by Detectify Crowdsource hackers.

What’s new?

Updated design

We have refreshed the look and feel of the finding details view, displaying the information you’re used to working with (such as Request and response headers, Details, and Resources) in a clear and structured way.

Threat score for every individual finding

The threat score that you probably recognise from your scan profile overview has now been added to the finding details for each individual finding. The score is based on the CVSS v2 scale and illustrates the severity of the finding, helping you structure your work with and prioritise the most findings.

You can read more about interpreting the Detectify threat score here.

- Detectify Finding Details 1024x810 - Improved finding details view and new Crowdsource tag

Crowdsource tag

Our ethical hacking platform Detectify Crowdsource allows us to work with some of the world’s best security researchers and we thought it only right to highlight their contribution to our service. This is now possible thanks to the new Crowdsource tag! If your finding was discovered by a module submitted to us by a Crowdsource hacker, you will see a purple “Crowdsource” tag in your finding details.

- Finding details crowdsource 1024x857 - Improved finding details view and new Crowdsource tag

Do you have comments about our release or suggestions for a future update? Let us know!

Happy scanning!

The Detectify Team

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