- Error 14 - Importing SEP 12 RU6 MP10 clients into SEPM 14 RU1 MP2 Fails

I need a solution

I am following HOWTO81175 (https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.HOWTO81175.html), but when I’m trying to import SEP (SAV32.info and SAV64.info) it fails the following:

An error occurred

– Reading the package contents…

– Adding the package into the management server…

– Disabling cancel operation as updating server database…

The directory I’m from has the corresponding .dat file and part of the full 12 RU6 MP10 download (SEPMPackages). I’ve done this with pervious 12.x clients and .x SEPMs without issues. Any suggestions on loading 12 RU6 MP10 clients into MP2 ?


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