This utterly beguiling chat between Corporate VP for Azure Compute, Sanders, and Microsoft Community Reporter and CQURE CEO Januszkiewicz will warm the hearts of geeks everywhere!

Watch as the pair share their stories about entering the workplace, swap stories, discuss machine learning, discover a shared love of playing a certain musical instrument, and talk about what it means to feel socially awkward.


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Corey Sanders is the Corporate Vice President of Azure. He has been a member of the Azure team for 9 years and Microsoft for 14 years.

Previously, Corey has been responsible for the engineering and business of compute, which included VMs, Linux VMs, Service Fabric, Event Hub, Service Bus, Batch Computing, and the compute technology supporting large Microsoft services like Bing and O36.

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Prior to Azure, Corey spent five years as a developer in the Windows Serviceability team. In Windows Serviceability, Corey’s team owned networking, kernel, and install technologies of all released versions of Windows.

Besides, Corey was the creator of Azure Virtual Machines (Infrastructure-as-a-service) and his service responsibilities included Containers, Kubernetes, Service Fabric, Event Grid, Service Bus, and Batch Computing.


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