Adam Hall, Microsoft’s Director of Security Product Marketing, tells MS Community Reporter Januszkiewicz what employers really want from their next cybersecurity hire.

This contains invaluable advice for anyone considering a career in cybersecurity and underlines how open the field is to anyone with the right passion and drive.

Adam Hall started his journey in Microsoft as the Account Technology Strategist in 2008. Now, he is the Director of Security Product Marketing, leading the Office 36 + EMS Security team.

Previously, Adam has been working for as a Principal Group PM Manager (Azure Information Protection and Cloud App Security) for 2 years. He was responsible for leading the team which was providing pre-sales, early preview programs, and production adoption support. Adam was integrating Secure Islands into the Microsoft information protection solution set.

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In 2014-2016, Adam was leading the product marketing team for Cloud Platform. He was doing marketing great technology, building a strong technical product marketing function and showcasing how developers and customers can build awesome modern applications on the Google Cloud Platform.

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