An email phishing attack struck  sending out malicious emails to thousands of individuals, in an attempt to fool them into installing a new that mixes code from different sources. Local police have described the cyber-attack as the countries to ever hit the country.

Javvad Malik,  Advocate at AlienVault:

Javvad Malik  - Bill Brenner1 - Iceland Suffers It Largest Ever Cyber-Attack

“While the code may mix together different sources, the tactic is not new. ‘Scareware’ has been used for many years to fool users into handing over personal information or money.

The scale of the attack highlights why it’s important that security awareness is extended beyond the workplace to the whole population that access online services at home or in schools.

It’s also important that security tools keep up with these evolving threats by utilising threat intelligence and monitoring endpoints for any malicious code that may have been installed to capture sensitive .”

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