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Huawei offers to build centre for cyber security in Poland –


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Credits: Reuters

’s Huawei has offered to build a cyber-security centre in Poland, where the authorities arrested a Chinese employee of the telecommunications firm along with a former Polish security official on charges last month.

“We are ready to establish a cyber-security centre in Poland if authorities accept this as a trusted solution,” Mr Tonny Bao, head of Huawei in Poland, told a news conference yesterday.

Huawei has set up information security labs in Germany and Britain aimed at building confidence that its equipment does not contain “back doors” for Chinese intelligence services.

Poland’s government is set to exclude Huawei equipment from its future 5G network over concerns first raised in the United States that Huawei technology could be equipped with such back doors, sources told Reuters.

Huawei’s regional public affairs director, Mr Austin Zhang, said there was no reason for the Polish government to exclude the Chinese firm from its future 5G network development.

“If it does happen… we will try all our to protect our business and reputation in Poland,” Mr Zhang said.

The US envoy to the European Union said last week that Washington wanted to steer people away from Huawei towards Western products because of its concerns over the security of the Chinese ’s technology.

Huawei denied allegations that its technology could be used for spying, and the Chinese executive from Huawei arrested in Poland said he was not guilty.

Still, the company faces increasing international scrutiny over the matter.

Last week, it was excluded from a tender to build a Czech tax portal after the country’s cyber watchdog warned of possible security threats.

Separately, the US Justice Department charged Huawei with conspiring to violate US sanctions on Iran and with stealing robotic technology from US wireless operator T-Mobile.

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