For Michelle Losenicky, Senior Principal Program Manager at Symantec, participating in a Symantec C3 field trip was a great experience. “It’s really exciting and motivating to work with people who have made a decision that will not only change their career trajectory but their lives and the lives of their families, possibly for generations. Couple that with the fact we’re helping to the technology workforce and you have the ultimate win-win situation! Whether I’m helping with mock interviews or sharing about my role in a company, it’s fun to teach, connect and share. And who knows, they might even be a future Symantec colleague of mine one day!,” she said.

Volunteer at our upcoming Symantec C3 fieldtrip visit on January 23 in Mountain View! 

Contact Symantec’s CR team to sign up and stay tuned for more Symantec C3 volunteer opportunities coming in the new fiscal year!

3 easy ways for organizations and individuals to get involved with Symantec C3

1- Host an intern at your company

Symantec C3 training partners provide the technical certifications and training but nothing compares to real-world experience. You can help by providing internship opportunities in which program participants will grow their skills through practical application and on-the-job training. 

Symantec C3 students have interned at more than 11 companies, 20 percent of which are in the Fortune 00. Contact our training partners Year UpNPower and The Stride Centerto bring an intern to your office.

2- Hire a graduate

Qualified, diverse candidates are graduating from the Symantec C3 program and ready to help fill high-demand, hard to fill cyber security roles. Graduates leave the program prepared to succeed in their careers and to help solve today’s cyber security .

To hire our graduates, please connect with us on Twitter at @SymantecC3 and LinkedIn, where we also share industry news, best practices and other resources.

3- Become a mentor

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