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Hi everyone,

I have a delemma — How to SEP  when is for ? In this scenario the traditional items in that deal with end point clients are all grayed out.

Where does one manage those elements in the Secure Cloud portal? I mean the settings when clients are deleted? For example: delete all clients that have not conected for 90 days. If SEPM is NOT enrolled in secuire cloud all those elemnts are managable at SEPM but with the cloud enrollment they are grayed out in the SEPM console and I can’t find equivalent place on the cloud portal where I get to do it.

All that I have on the portal is a simple silder – manage devices ON or OFF? I know I can manually delete clients using the Secure Cloud portal but that is a one-by-one task. Where do I set the other biz, you know — delete all clients that have not conected for 90 days?

Thank you

- symantec secure cloud device mgmt - How to manage clients when SEPM is enrolled for Secure Cloud device management?


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