Email is your ’s best friend, and also its greatest threat. The very things that make it such a potent business tool — its ease of use and ways it can be used to communicate and collaborate — make it to phishing, malware, ransomware, impersonation attacks, and spam.

Every year, protecting email becomes harder, because attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Now, determined attackers spend time on reconnaissance activities, to specific individuals with highly crafted emails.  If these targeted individuals take the bait, then they can unwittingly bypass systems.   And the scale of attacks has grown exponentially. Email is the top vector used by Targeted Groups according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report   When it comes to impersonation attacks, the losses companies suffer as a result are considerable – more than $12.5 billion and growing at an alarming rate, according to the FBI. 

Businesses are also harmed in ways that transcend the financial. Consider Business Email Compromise attacks, in which an attacker sends an email impersonating a company employee. What should an employee do when she gets an email from what appears to be a business’s Chief Financial Officer, asking for another employee’s tax records, or to make a financial transaction? She doesn’t know if it’s a legitimate request and whether to act on it. Businesses run on trust; trust which is severely eroded by impersonation attacks.

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